Medicare Plans In San Diego

Medicare Plans In San Diego


San Diego Medicare Plans






Medicare Plans in San Diego can get confusing, considering there’s over 50 different choices throughout the county. From Supplements to Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug plans to Special Needs Plans, it can become quite overwhelming.

My job is to remove the clutter and find you the perfect plan based on:

  1. Your Medical Requirements
  2. Your Budget
  3. Your Lifestyle
  4. Your Doctor Preferences
  5. Your Hospital Preferences
  6. Extra Benefits You Require (such as transportation or dental)

As a Medicare Broker, I have access to virtually every Medicare Insurance Plan in San Diego.  My job isn’t to sell you anything, but rather help you hone in on two or three choices that meet all your insurance requirements.  Don’t worry, there’s no cost to my service and you won’t pay any more for having me help you.

In San Diego, there are only 5 Medicare Insurance scenarios you can have:

  • Part A + B alone (not recommended)
  • Part A + B along with a Supplement Plan (like F or N)
  • Part A + B along with a Part D Plan (medications)
  • Part A + B along with a Supplement Plan & Part D (most common)
  • Part C  – includes A, B and D all in one policy, no supplement needed! (2nd most common)

These options do not consider those with Tri-Care or Medi-Cal benefits.



Medicare Insurance Pricing For San Diego County

This is what you should expect to pay as a 65 Year old for your Medicare Coverage:

  • $255 per month = Part A + B along with a Supplement Plan & Part D (most common)
  • $105 per month = Part C  – includes A, B and D all in one policy, no supplement needed! (2nd most common)

Typically, you will pay $104.90 per month for Part B coverage, plus $130 per month for a Supplement Plan F, plus $20 per month for your Part D plan.  This may vary slightly due to higher income levels, or extra drug coverage if you take more than 5 prescription medications (or all “brand” medications that are expensive).  Some Supplement Plan F plans are less (about $118/mo) and some are more (up to $160/mo) depending on the company you choose.  Medicare Supplement premiums increase every year, or every two years depending on what company you buy your Medigap Coverage from.  The average rate increase is 5% per year.

Having a Part C (Medicare Advantage Plan) will reduce your monthly premiums. You will have small co-pays when you finally use the coverage, like a $20 co-pay to see your doctor.  However, this is far less than paying $130 per month for coverage you may hardly use (while you’re young and healthy). Medicare Advantage Plans in San Diego also cover much more than just doctor and hospital charges. They may also include “extras” such as:

  • Dental coverage at no extra cost
  • Vision benefits like free checkups and free lenses & frames each year
  • Up to $1000 for hearing aids each year
  • Free Over-The-Counter products like vitamins, pain medications and medical supplies
  • Free Transportation to and from plan approved locations
  • Acupuncture visits
  • Elective Chiropractic visits
  • 24hr Nurse Helpline
  • Free Gym Membership to 24 Hour Fitness, Chuse Fitness or Curves.

Search locations near you that offer Free Medicare Advantage Gym Locations in San Diego >>>

Don’t Be Confused. My job is to make Medicare easy.  Call me today and I’ll handle all of this for you: 888-939-7383.


San Diego Supplemental Medicare Insurance



Since I offer all Medicare Plans Available In San Diego, I’m unbiased and can help you join any plan you choose. I’m independent and represent all companies equally.

These are just a few of the companies that my clients can choose from.

Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO & Medicare Supplements
Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Advantage PPO & Medicare Supplements
Blue Shield Medicare Advantage HMO & Medicare Supplements
Care1st Medicare Advantage HMO & Medi-CAL SNP
Easy Choice Medicare Advantage HMO & Medi-CAL SNP
Health Net Medicare Advantage PPO & HMO & Medi-CAL SNP & Med Sup
Humana Medicare Advantage HMO & POS & PDP
SCAN Medicare Advantage HMO & Medi-CAL SNP
Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage HMO & Medicare Supplements
AARP Secure Horizons by United Health CareMedicare Advantage  HMO
Sharp’s Secure Horizons by United Health Care Medicare Advantage HMO
Mutual Of Omaha Medicare Medical Supplement Only
Gerber Life Medicare Medical Supplement Only
Sentinel Medicare Medical Supplement Only
WellCare PDP Supplemental Plans
First Health PDP Supplemental Plans
Stonebridge Life Medical Supplement Only
San Diego Medicare Plans

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