Medicare Advantage Plans In San Diego County

Posted by admin on May 29, 2013
San Diego Medicare

Medicare Advantage plan in San Diego County

These plans are a viable alternative to original Medicare, and if you live in San Diego County, you have many low or NO COST Medicare Advantage options!

Medicare Advantage plans in San Diego County, otherwise known as Medicare Part C, are plans designed to replace original medicare through private health care companies, like Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna or Humana.  San Diego county has approximately 11 major insurance carriers offering these Part C plans.  I’m authorized and licensed to sell for 10 of them, the 11th one is Kaiser Permanente (which does not allow independent agents to represent or sell their plan).

I can explain what a Medicare Advantage plan is, but watching this video is quicker.  It’s one of the best descriptions of Medicare Part C that I’ve found to date:



Learn More About Medicare Advantage Plans in San Diego County Here >>

As you can see from the video, there are some great benefits to signing up with a Medicare Advantage plans in San Diego County.  Most clients biggest fear is staying in the network.  But let me ask you something?  Do you like your current Doctor?

Most people do, and don’t want to switch.  When you ask your primary care doctor for a referral, he’s 99% likely to refer you to another doctor in his own Dr. network.  Take Scripps Del Mar as an example. If your Dr. is practicing medicine, he probably belongs to a Doctor network, and if he belongs to Scripps Del Mar, then he will refer you to other Doctors in the Scripps Del Mar network (after all, they wouldn’t likely refer you to a competing Doctor in the Sharp Dr. network).

My point is, most clients are worried about conforming to a “network” when in reality, they already conform to the same Dr. network anyway, you might as well save some money and get extra benefits  by signing up with a Medicare Advantage plan.  In early 2013, I visited with a client that had 6 different doctors, 1 primary care physician (PCP), and 5 specialists.  He was concerned that ALL his Doctors would take the Advantage plan.  When I looked up his Doctors, they were all a part of the Sharp Community Medical Group.  His PCP had referred him to all of the PCP’s fellow Sharp Community doctors (because that’s what Doctors do).  So his fears were all for nothing, because he said he loves Sharp Community, and would never change.  It was a perfect fit – the client reduced his out of pocket costs, and picked up extra benefits that regular Medicare did not cover, like dental, gym memberships and chiropractic services. San Diego Medicare plans in San Diego County offer lots of benefits you may not be aware you’re missing out on!

To learn more about Medicare Advantage Plans in San Diego County, please call me to discuss your options:  888-939-7383.

You can also listen to how I help my clients select a plan:


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