San Diego Medicare Insurance Options

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Medicare Insurance Options San Diego

San Diego Medicare Options

San Diego Medicare Options specializes in a broad range of insurance carriers for those looking for Supplement Plans, Advantage Plans or Prescription Drug Plans.  But making just one small mistake could cost you THOUSANDS of dollars per year. To learn more, get my FREE GUIDE HERE >>>!

As an independent broker, I am authorized to market and sell all Medicare insurance options in San Diego, not just one or two. I make Medicare shopping easy by asking you a few qualifying questions to determine which plan would be the best fit for you based on:

  • Your financial budget
  • Your preferred doctors and hospitals
  • Your unique medical requirements
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your medications
  • Your geography

I’ll check all plans throughout the county and determine a few that would fit your parameters and present you with several options.  From there, you pick the one you feel fits you best. I’ll handle all the paperwork, ensure your compliant with Medicare policies and submit the application to the appropriate carrier. I help do this for all Medicare insurance options in San Diego.

As a full-service broker, I’m compensated by the carriers, so there’s no cost to you.  And since all compensation is the same from each carrier, there’s no pressure to push you into one plan over another.

Expensive Medicare Mistakes

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Please call me for a free Medicare consultation in person, or by phone.
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Medicare Insurance Options San Diego

Medicare Insurance Options in San Diego

There are three main Medicare insurance options in San Diego: Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplemental Medi-Gap plans, and Prescription Drug plans. That’s it.  Of course, you can go without any type of supplement insurance and be on Original Medicare, but that’s simply not advisable. I’m stunned to learn that many Medicare eligible clients go without this affordable option – exposing themselves to potentially financial ruin if and when disaster strikes.  The thought that “It won’t happen to me” is nothing short of ignorance. I can show you how you can afford some basic coverage options for as little as $50 per month, with very little financial exposure each year.

You can save money and time by understanding all your Medicare insurance options in San Diego, in about 20 minutes. I have an office in Mission Valley, or I can travel to your home or local coffee shop to show you all your options, and how much they cost. I’m a Broker, so I’m impartial, I have no interest in which plan you pick because I offer them all, and my compensation is the same between all plans. I travel with all my applications and important information you will want to review. I’ll help explain the differences based on your lifestyle, medications, requirements and budget. After I know what those are, I’ll narrow down the 80+ options that I offer and present 2 or 3 to do an “Apples to Apples” comparison. You pick the one you like, and I’ll handle it from there.

For your complete Medicare Insurance Options in San Diego, call me today at 888-939-7383.

Cal-MediConnect Plan Options

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Low Income Seniors Forced Onto Cal MediConnect Plan Options In San Diego

If you are a low-income Medi-Cal recipient in San Diego, you may have already lost your ability to see your favorite doctor.  As of April 1st, 2014, the state government has been slowly placing Dual Eligible Seniors (those with both Medicare and Medi-Cal) into the new Cal MediConnect plans.  This is being done in an effort to reduce costs and coordinate benefits.

This change came about as a “test” run because the state of California is broke. If you are in one of the counties listed below, you will be affected. They are automatically assigning you into one of the four Cal-Mediconnect plan options in San Diego County if you don’t act. Even in 2015 and 2016 you may be pushed into one of these plans if you don’t review your options, and choose the one you want. While Cal-Mediconnect plan options are pretty good plans, the drawback is the doctor choices, there’s just not enough of them!  In fact, these plans have a 80% reduction in the selection of doctors and specialists you would be able to visit, and for most seniors in San Diego, that’s a HUGE disservice. You could potentially lose your favorite doctors if you don’t act.

If you’re already in a Cal-Mediconnect plan option in San Diego, you can change! Simply give me a call and I’ll share with you exactly HOW to change, what plans you are eligible for, and I’ll even handle all the paperwork for you, all at NO COST TO YOU!


Failure To Act May Result In Loss Of Benefits & Doctor Choices

This chart shows some of the plans by county associated with the Cal Medi-Connect Program

Cal-MediConnect Plan Options


Most seniors that qualify for this program already know they qualify.  If you or someone you know is currently receiving a Low Income Subsidy for medications, or receives assistance from SSI through the Medi-Cal insurance program, please call me immediately to discuss your options in San Diego County.

Inaction may result in losing the doctors you want to see, as your current primary care doctor may not accept one of the plans in the area.  If you fail to select the plan your doctor takes (call me and I’ll check for you), you won’t be able to see them.  I can help you select the best plan that fits your lifestyle, your medical needs, and a plan that your doctor accepts.  Remember, I’m full service to you at no cost.

The new Cal-Mediconnect plan options system has good intentions, but if you don’t plan this correctly, you may be missing out on amazing benefits, but also the ability to see the doctors you care about most.  There’s a lot of details and questions surrounding this new program, too many to list here, so call for a free consultation. Cal-Mediconnect Plan Options may not be right for you!

Contact Peter Today About Your Low-Income Medicare Options: 888-939-7383

Cal-Mediconnect plan options

San Diego Medicare

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San Diego Medicare Supplemental Plans Aren’t The Only Option In The County

My name is Peter Palmiotto, I’m one of the top Medicare insurance brokers in San Diego County.  I offer almost every plan in San Diego, from Medicare Supplement Plans, to Medicare Advantage plans – over 30 plans to choose from.  Most Medicare eligible clients assume the only option for them is a Med Supp plan, otherwise known as a Medigap insurance plan.  This was true about 15 years ago, but in recent years, a different type of plan has been winning over consumers of all income levels, it’s called Medicare Part C.

Medicare Part C is known as a Medicare Advantage Plan and have many options over and above a traditional gap coverage plan.  Here are some sample benefits:

  • Lower overall costs
  • $0 Monthly Premiums (you continue to pay Part B premiums)
  • Extra benefits like Free 24 Hour Fitness Memberships, Transportation, Preventative Dental, Routine Chiropractic, and many more…
  • Optional “Buy Up” options that include comprehensive dental, vision and more for as little as $5 per month
  • Low Max Out Of Pocket expenses to lower your financial exposure


To Learn More About Your Medicare Options In San Diego, Call Me Direct: 888-939-7383

Just look at some of the well known companies offering these plans in San Diego (or review all of our San Diego Medicare Plans here >>):


Anthem Blue Cross

Blue Shield



Continental Life


Easy Choice


Health Net


Mutual Of Omaha



Silver Script


United American

United Health Care


You can learn more about the plan details by visiting the official Medicare site at:

San Diego Medicare Choices – Yearly Changes

All of the plans available in San Diego for the next year can be looked at starting October 1st, and you can start submitting your applications on October 15th for a January 1st start date. This is called the “Annual Enrollment Period.” This is only for Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans. If you’re interested in a Supplement (medigap) plan, you can sign up for those year round, there is no open enrollment for supplemental insurance.

100% Guaranteed Acceptance

Unlike traditional supplemental plans, the Advantage plans only have 1 pre-existing condition question.  The only disqualifying health condition is End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) otherwise known as Stage 5 Kidney Failure. As long as you don’t have ESRD, you will be accepted into the plan of your choice.  If you contract ESRD while on a Medicare Supplement Plan, then you cannot switch to a different plan, but you cannot be removed from the plan you’re on.  Learn more about ESRD and Medicare, visit:

Plan Changes

There are several plan changes for the 2014 year, most notably the exit from San Diego County of the Anthem Blue Cross HMO Medicare Advantage Plan.  This plan will cease to exist on January 1st, 2014.  All clients that are currently covered under this plan must select a new plan by late February 2014 (you have a Special Election Period that lasts until the end of February).  This is also the perfect time to move back to a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan if that’s what looks best for your finances and your lifestyle.  Please call me about how to do this correctly: 888-939-7383.

Medicare Advantage Plans In San Diego County

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Medicare Advantage plan in San Diego County

These plans are a viable alternative to original Medicare, and if you live in San Diego County, you have many low or NO COST Medicare Advantage options!

Medicare Advantage plans in San Diego County, otherwise known as Medicare Part C, are plans designed to replace original medicare through private health care companies, like Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna or Humana.  San Diego county has approximately 11 major insurance carriers offering these Part C plans.  I’m authorized and licensed to sell for 10 of them, the 11th one is Kaiser Permanente (which does not allow independent agents to represent or sell their plan).

I can explain what a Medicare Advantage plan is, but watching this video is quicker.  It’s one of the best descriptions of Medicare Part C that I’ve found to date:



Learn More About Medicare Advantage Plans in San Diego County Here >>

As you can see from the video, there are some great benefits to signing up with a Medicare Advantage plans in San Diego County.  Most clients biggest fear is staying in the network.  But let me ask you something?  Do you like your current Doctor?

Most people do, and don’t want to switch.  When you ask your primary care doctor for a referral, he’s 99% likely to refer you to another doctor in his own Dr. network.  Take Scripps Del Mar as an example. If your Dr. is practicing medicine, he probably belongs to a Doctor network, and if he belongs to Scripps Del Mar, then he will refer you to other Doctors in the Scripps Del Mar network (after all, they wouldn’t likely refer you to a competing Doctor in the Sharp Dr. network).

My point is, most clients are worried about conforming to a “network” when in reality, they already conform to the same Dr. network anyway, you might as well save some money and get extra benefits  by signing up with a Medicare Advantage plan.  In early 2013, I visited with a client that had 6 different doctors, 1 primary care physician (PCP), and 5 specialists.  He was concerned that ALL his Doctors would take the Advantage plan.  When I looked up his Doctors, they were all a part of the Sharp Community Medical Group.  His PCP had referred him to all of the PCP’s fellow Sharp Community doctors (because that’s what Doctors do).  So his fears were all for nothing, because he said he loves Sharp Community, and would never change.  It was a perfect fit – the client reduced his out of pocket costs, and picked up extra benefits that regular Medicare did not cover, like dental, gym memberships and chiropractic services. San Diego Medicare plans in San Diego County offer lots of benefits you may not be aware you’re missing out on!

To learn more about Medicare Advantage Plans in San Diego County, please call me to discuss your options:  888-939-7383.

You can also listen to how I help my clients select a plan:


Medicare Supplements In San Diego

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Medicare Supplements in San Diego are very popular.

In the simplest form, a medicare supplement (gap insurance) plan covers the costs that Original Medicare does not.

Original Medicare has no spending limits, that is, no caps on the amount you could be potentially liable for.  That should scare most people considering a $1,000,000 trip to the hospital will result in a $200,000 bill that you must pay (or go broke trying).  Nobody should expose themselves to this type of risk when the answer is so simple:  Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy.

There are dozens of companies that offer a Med Sup or Gap Insurance plan.  Here are just a few I’m approved and licensed to sell with:

medicare supplement san diego

Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Supplement, Blue Shield of California Medicare Supplement Plans, Mutual of Omaha, Gerber Life, United Health Care, Cigna Medicare Supplement Insurance plans.

There are many different carriers to chose from, yet all of them tend to offer the same type of coverage for their clients.  The most popular medicare supplement plan is Plan F.  Plan F is one of the few plans that offers near complete coverage.  The only real difference between most of these company’s that offer Plan F is the pricing structures.

Some of the insurance carriers increase their rates on average about 4% per year as you grow older.  However, some carriers speed this process up later in life, by as much as 6% to 8% per year.  So it does pay to shop around, especially if you think you’ll hold onto the coverage for an extended period of time.

A big misconception about Medicare Supplement plans is that you can only use them with doctors that take them.  This isn’t really what you should be asking, since you’re choosing to stay on original medicare, you will only be limited to the Dr.’s that still accept original medicare in their offices.  More and more Dr.’s are no longer accepting new patients who are on original medicare, this is partially do to lower payout that the Government has approved to pay Dr.’s that treat clients with Medicare.  As the pay to Dr.’s decreases, so do the number of Dr.’s that want to accept Medicare as a form of payment – leaving you with fewer options.

There are still 1000’s of Doctors in San Diego who accept Medicare as payment, but the number is expected to decrease as cuts to benefits continue.

I review all my client’s options and together we find the best fit at the best price.  If you want a free consultation, please call me at 888-939-7383.




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Medicare Benefits: San Diego County

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Medicare benefits in San Diego vary from other counties that offer Medicare Advantage Plans, otherwise known as Medicare Part C.  Throughout California, eligible Medicare recipients select Part C plans based on the county they reside in.  Each plan may be administered by the same health care company but may be very different from one county to the next.

Types Of Medicare Options – There are essentially three types of Medicare “structures” you can select from:

  1. Original Medicare
  2. Original Medicare with a supplement plan
  3. Medicare Advantage Part C

The 4th option would only be for people that qualify for Medicaid, in California the Medicaid program is called Medi-Cal.

Original Medicare involves several parts, most importantly Part A (Hospital coverage) and Part B (outpatient services).  Selecting “Original Medicare” is the default selection, if you don’t do anything else, you will have “original medicare”.  All of your medical services will be covered by Medicare up to 80% of the costs.  The other 20% of the costs are your responsibility, regardless of how large the bill is (the average hospital stay is over $30,000, so your share of this bill would be $6000).

Original Medicare with a supplement plan is exactly like original medicare, but with an added layer of protection from a private health insurance company.  You can take out an insurance policy to cover the 20% “gap” that original medicare doesn’t cover.  Typical Supplemental Medicare Gap plans start at $130 per month and can go as high as $700 per month depending on your age.

Medicare Advantage Part C plans are a relatively new concept (medicare started in 1965, part c plans started around 2000).  Essentially, Medicare Advantage plans are designed by health care companies to completely replace original medicare, and gives you extra benefits.  Some of these benefits may include a free gym membership, vision coverage, dental coverage, additional screenings, 24 hour nurse info lines, and generous prescription drug plans.  All part C plans must cover the same basic services as offered by original medicare.

In my next post, I’ll discuss the different “windows of eligibility” available for those looking to use their Medicare Benefits.

For more information, I can be reached at or at 888-939-7383.